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Kenneth W. Franklin MD

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I need to reach the office after office hours or on weekends?

A: After office hours and on weekends and holidays, the answering service will reach Dr. Franklin (or his covering physician for those times when he is away), who will return your call. For emergencies, you should go to an Emergency Room.

Waiting Room

Q: Does Dr Franklin participate in Insurance Plans?

A: Although his office does not participate in commercial insurance plans, the staff will help you if needed with obtaining insurance reimbursement from plans that have “out of plan” options. Dr. Franklin does not take part in the Medicare or Medicaid Programs. The fee schedules of these programs are designed for high volume practices. However, Medicare will provide usual Medicare benefits when you are referred by his practice to other doctors in the Medicare program, and when you are referred for out of office radiology or hospital procedures and for hospitalizations.

Q: Does Dr. Franklin use email?

A: Email is used but not encouraged. Medical care usually involves give and take of questions and answers, for which the telephone or office visit is more appropriate. Email does not prioritize, whereas Dr. Franklin’s staff will bring high priority calls, such as medical problems, to his immediate attention. If he is seeing patients in the office or at the hospital for extended periods, the email will not be checked during that time. During prolonged travel times or travel to places where the internet for email is not available, it cannot be checked. In no case should any urgent medical condition be communicated by email?